SAVE! Complete Eats Variety 10 Pack- Specialty

This 10 pack consists of more elevated specialty meals that provide  you with the flavors you know and love, without the guilt and unhealthy ingredients. 

This order inlcudes the following dishes:

3 Pollo Peppers - Shredded chicken stuffed red peppers, yellow squash, spinach and creamy avovcado sauce on top. 

600 calories/30g protein/8 carbs/10g fat

3 Lemon Turkey - Fresh lemon zested ground lean turkey, cauliflower rice, & roasted asparagus. 

490 calories/30g proein/46g carbs/28g fat

2 Paleo Lemon Chicken Piccatta - Dairy free lemon cream sauce tossed with spaghetti squash, and served over roasted asparagus.

500 calories/40g protein/12g carbs/30g fat

2 Basil Pesto Salmon - Pan seared salmon served over a vegetable medley, topped with a lemon basil pesto. 

500 calories/32g protein/25g fat/9 carbs


SAVE! Complete Eats Variety 10 Pack- Specialty

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