Chef Adrian's Culinary Journey

          In the BeginningAdrian Perez was born in the small quaint town of Beeville, Tx. He spent his childhood, knee hi, watching his father, Ruben Perez, run a Tex-Mex restaurant, and mother Leticia Perez, run a women’s gift shop and boutique. Needless to say, his life consisted of amazing homemade Mexican food and an early experience in retail therapy! The restaurant remained successful until 2005, when his father finally decided to end his 30 year long run in the restaurant industry. Never having a job outside the family businesses, he started his first outside work experience at the HEB Grocery Store Chain.

          2006 Beeville, TX - It all started in the local Beeville HEB Deli. Work began at 5 am, cooking rotisserie chickens, hand making party trays, salads, sandwiches, and most importantly, the Heb hot-food case. Selling his own recipe creations, despite HEB instructions, he gained an employee following, and a love for creating unique and affordable dishes with the HEB grocery store at his disposal.

          2008 Victoria, TX- After a short stint and gained experience, he moved on to Victoria and started a new position, which would be one the first major steps to an amazing career path with HEB. The Cooking Connection at HEB is a demo kitchen centered around teaching customers how and what to cook on a daily basis, or special occasions. Freedom of recipe creation, and a headset microphone to tell the world about them, was the perfect venue for a young, driven individual to let his passions be known. Within a year of working as a “cooking coach”, schooling was the next step to further his knowledge and love for food.

          2009 Corpus Christi , TX - Corpus Christi was the next destination with HEB. Adrian attended Culinary School at Del Mar College and continued his coaching and teaching at HEB. He soon was promoted to Manager, and jumped at the opportunity to learn how to run his own business. Running a department in what was the largest HEB in the company at the time, a call from the local Corpus Christi Channel 3 news station opened the first door into an extended career in media. Live cooking demos on the 30 year long running show, Domingo Live, was his first TV appearance as a chef. Noticing his vivacious personality and articulate use of words, a local hip hop station offered him a position as an Emcee Hosting nightclub shows, cutting commercials for radio, and broadcasting live from club events. It even trickled back to his hometown, where, till this day, he Emcees the Local Miss Western Week Pageant.  Holding top sales records for HEB, Chef Adrian was offered two free trips to Italy, where he dined on the finest food, wines, and took Italian cooking lessons from a 5-STAR local Tuscan Chef and restaurant owner. It was in the intoxicating vineyards of Italy, where he realized the extent of the world around him and what, could be, of his life and career.

          201 2 Houston, TX - He then made the move, with HEB, to Houston, TX. Adrian’s first week in Houston, he became the official HEB TV Correspondent for Houston's live audience show, Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan on KHOU Channel 11. Other TV cooking spots came about for Channel 2 News “Cooking Time with HEB”, Good Taste TV with Emmy Award winning Tanji Patton, and News Channel CW 39. Further business award trips with HEB led him to Culinary Boot Camps with The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa, California. Craving even more out of his career, Adrian soon started writing recipes for a savvy and posh local magazine by the name of B/CHIC.

          2013Houston, TX - Taking a second interest in fitness, Adrian studied and became a certified free lance Fitness Trainer, incorporating a healthy cooking sector into his menus and demos, including diabetic friendly, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian cooking. Chef Adrian is also Certified in Knowledge Olive Oil, and Knowledge of Spirits and Wine level 1.

          2014 Houston, TX - Continuing on his path with all events food related and media as well, Chef Adrian was approached by Texas Home & Garden Show to aid in their new venture, The Foodie Spotlight! A first for the widely popular Texas venue, it would showcase some of Houston’s top chefs and restaurants, with live cooking demonstrations for the attendees. He also was featured in numerous online cooking segments for their website, preparing quick dishes, appetizers, cocktails, and sharing helpful tidbits about everyday foods. Chef then took his third trip to Italy, to once again, expand his palate and culinary mind. Bringing back inspiration and true experience to his Italian cooking.  Capping off the year, Adrian took his passion for food, people, and the connection it created between the masses and started Complete Eats. Chef Adrian now offers private dinner parties, public demos, cooking classes, hosting and emceeing any events pertaining to food or the culture that is culinary.
 2015 Houston, TX - This was a huge year in TV and media for Chef Adrian. He became a regular on most local channels and shows such as Great Day Houston, GoodTastetv with Tanji Patton, and KPRC Channel 2. Continuing his work with Texas Home & Garden, he was showcased in their 2015 commercial for their Houston Home Show and emceed their new addition to the show, The Foodie Spotlight. Adrian also had the pleasure of working on television with Skinny Girl Mogul Bethany Frankel and Celebrity Fit Club and weight loss expert Dr. Ian Smith. In addition, Adrian filled his downtime giving back to the city of Houston, volunteering on 9/11, cooking for the station 8 fire fighters, donating private cooking classes to Out For Education, and educating the kids of his Hometown Beeville Middle School on the career that is culinary.  Finally, launching his website, started booking private dinners and more community projects under his personal Complete Eats umbrella!

         2016-Present Houston, TX - ​Continuing his steady career with television, a full-time position at HEB, and Complete Eats growing as a business, Adrian decided to take the plunge, and leave HEB after 11 years of service. Finally making his debut onto the Food Network on the competitive cooking show Cooks VS Cons, Chef Adrian and Complete Eats was featured on a national level!  He now runs Complete Eats full time and offers any and every service under the culinary spectrum, as well as a continued career with KPRC Channel 2 Houston Life!